The last few months made it once more clear that care work such as talking and listening to each other is the basis of all human life, connection and togetherness.

Emotional labor and care work have always been part of intersectional feminist practices and protests that are still rarely seen, valued and systemically under- or unpaid.

Clapping a little applause for this will not be enough for the long run to allow a good life for everyone.

Therefore the public care square has been conceived to develop the discourse and widespread the experience of listening for a culture of support and solidarity.

The guidelines are:

Sit opposite to each other.

Negotiate who of you will start to talk about yourself for 5 minutes.

Your counterpart listens actively without commenting and is present with you.

Then the roles are changed for another 5 minutes.

After that you have another 5 minutes to talk to each other if you want.

Negotiate with each other wether you want advice from each other or just want to listen to each other.

° interactive installation //2022, Berlin

as part of the exhibition "Transgressive - Non-conformist Approaches to the Arts and the City"

at Kühlhaus Berlin



 ° interactive installation //2020, Berlin

as part of the exhibition "Contact - ways of distance and touch" at haunt by frontviews



° Premiere interactive installation //2020, Berlin

Hackescher Markt Berlin