Are you feeling beautiful right now?

We grow up in a society that clearly defines in different visual norms and ideals what is beautiful and what is not. How to not reject yourself if you do not fit into that?

And even if you fit into that in one or the other way do you really feel beautiful about yourself?

We prepared the public beauty oasis for you and us because we do not agree with the common definitions about beauty. Therefore we will explore in the public beauty oasis our own definitions of beauty and ugliness.

There will be different corners you can explore in free flow and there is also a time frame for special actions.

Looking forward to feel beautiful with you.


The public beauty was developed in cooperation with

Roana Salome & Zainab Zaira Hachlaf & Christina Theisen.

 ° interactive Event //2020, Berlin

as part of womxn making art in public space