One of the founders of Contact Improvisation once answered the question of what Contact Improvisation is: "the definition is the doing". Based on that, I have developed the dance performance "The Title is the Doing". This is a dance performance for four dancers performed in a non-dance context. I am interested in bringing dance improvisation and contact improvisation into other contexts, questioning social codes and behaviors, and enabling new experiences of being together. For instance, in the context of an art gallery, where the focus is more on the individual experience of the visitor in viewing a work of art. With the dance performance the gaze and the contact are opened to the whole room and the other gallery visitors and is keep on moving through the space the whole time. Thus, the gallery visit becomes an exploration between individual and collective experience at the same time, e.g. through the play of closeness and distance both physically and mentally and emotionally. It also questions object fetishism in the art world (and also in our society) because it does not offer a material object, but gives a fleeting experience in the form of a performance.

° Performance //2018. Berlin

kunstverein L102Art Berlin exhibition "10"

16.03. - 13.04.2018 


° Performance //2018. Berlin

at someone's Private birthday party