Women* Making Art In Public Space



we are a female* street performance collective/open platform in berlin that connects dance, play, theatre, music, visual art and social activism. our focus is to play, question and change the interactions of bodies (human and non-human) in the public space. we come from different artistic backgrounds, we share an intersectional feminist perspective and practices of embodiment.

you can participate if you are a woman*

° with concrete ideas of making art in public space and looking for a gang to do it

° with curiosity of being facilitated and getting inspired by others' practices

° who changes between those different modes


if you have ideas what you would like to transform into reality or if you would like to do something but you do not know exactly what, please contact us, we will support you!


why women*? Because we include every person identifying as woman.

° Performance //2019, Berlin-Neukölln, Richard platz

jeden tag einen neuen satz, by diana sirianni and youme won



° Performance //2019, Berlin-tiergarten, tiergarten park

sounds of touching, by jana maria dohmann



° Performance //2019, Berlin-kreuzberg, wiener Straße 

public painting, by diana sirianni



° Performance //2019, Berlin-kreuzberg, kottbusser damm

hacking normality, by susi rosenbohm



° Performance + publication //2019, Berlin-neukölln, u-bahn hermannplatz

nothing: to be done, by netta weiser



° Performance //2019, Berlin-kreuzberg, admiralsbrücke

urban playground, by roana salome



° Performance //2019, Berlin-marzahn, marzahner promenade

yoga action in maryann, by naama ityel



° Performance //2019, Berlin-kreuzberg, skalitzer Straße 

The space of my body, by diana sirianni