Living in our society with many different identities is complex. Some identities are having more visibility and privilege than others. Our world is very focused on the actions and values of so called adults. The idea arose to go into public space with children in order to realize more participation, contact and visibility of the children's living environment.

What does it mean to be a child in this world?

In the art project "Heimspiel" the children and I dealt with the following questions in a playful way:

How can children and their experience get more visibility? How can children acquire Marzahn's public space? How can we make public space a place to play, meet and experience?


The curiosity and creativity of the children was stimulated by means of artistic expressions from play, dance, theater and performance art, and joint actions and interventions in public space were created. A new look at their everyday urban space was thus stimulated in an artistic and aesthetic way.

The meetings in front of the FAIR premises took place once a week.

In the course of these ten dates, the “Schnappi SPIEL” was created, which includes written requests for movement in public space. This game was played and handed over to the children, passers-by or family members at the final date on October 28, 2019 in front of the FAIR.


The Heimspiel project was a cooperation between Dissens - Pedagogy and Art in Context gGmbH, Kim Tina Nava, the artist Susi Rosenbohm and the FAIR youth center. The project was funded by the Berlin Project Fund for Cultural Education.