"The body is thinking; it is form thinking its way through time. " Dana Caspersen


I believe that we are born with all the resources in our body that we need to live a full life. Every human is a deeply creative being and has something to give. Through our socialization, we have developed ideas or concepts about how we have to be. At the same time, I understand identity and life as a continuous process and exchange with many different experiences, movements, thoughts, feelings, sensations, values and entities. I also believe that much more is possible, both individually and collectively, to live a meaningful and fulfilling life, and I follow that longing. That does not mean that everything is always easy and happy on the way, but that makes it very exciting. This is also reflected in my somatic body work. Since life always seems to happen to me only with and through our bodies in motion (even if our culture likes to deny it, forget it or have a rather pejorative attitude), I would like to get the whole body, and thus the whole person moving.


The foundation of my somatic body work is the Pantarei Approach (panta rhei, greek - everything flows) a creative client and process oriented bodywork method. Through a dialogical learning-process of conversation, touch, movement and breathing, you come back into contact with yourself through your body. In addition, I may use different methods and techniques from my many years of dancing, artistic, physical, exercise and mindfulness practice.


The first session lasts 90 minutes, all subsequent sessions take 60 minutes. In the first session, we both look at whether we want to work together and, with mutual consent, set the framework for follow-up sessions. The first part of a session is a conversation in which your background and intention for the session is discussed and determined. The second part takes place either in lying, sitting and / or standing with touch and if necessary in/with movement. Therefore please wear clothing, in which you feel comfortable and can move well. The third part is a rest period in which you can integrate the experiences both alone and in conversation with me. Sometimes I will give you simple exercises for you to practice at home.


The sessions can be held in German as well as in English.

A continuous development of my skills through additional training, further education, self-exploration and simply trying out in life is self-evident for me.


° To feel more at home in your body and yourself

° To perceive and communicate your limits

° To feel and communicate your needs and desires

° To be more in touch with your feelings and sensations

° To explore and feel more your self-love and self-confidence

° To be more and perform less

° To experience and enjoy your complete being in all of its different facets

° To have more energy, strength and a calm mind

° To have more lightness and clarity in your life

° To feel more naturally connected to yourself and others

° To explore how to live with physical chronic conditions in different ways

° To have more courage to really change something fundamental in your life

° To explore your body and your movements and to follow your curiosity


my offer for somatic body work does not replace medico-medical treatments (neither psychological nor physiological).


The first session lasts 90 minutes and each additional session lasts 60 minutes. I charge 70 euros per session.

I offer soli places on negotiation basis. Feel free to ask if you need it. Sessions canceled less than 24 hours in advance will be charged in full. If you have questions in advance that you would like to clarify, write me or we can have a call.