From Anywhere out in the Green between Martin, Aitana, Tino, Christer and Martina from Bisu ro*

*Bisu ro is a collectiv from Susi Rosenbohm and Birte Opitz with changing collaborators from dance, theater and education

We are making an offer:

It starts anywhere.

Open your eyes. play. Take risks. Touch. Observe. Serach. Discover. Follow. Open up. Surprise. Decide. Demand.

Close your eyes.

Out in the Green. Between Martin, Aitana, Tino, Christer and Martina.

 The particpants themselves become an "artistic self", the border between art and reality blurs, and one's own actions, experiences and responsibilities are out into question. This becomes the choreography for a performative walk through (city of the performances space), which raises more questions than answers. 

„From Anywhere out into the Green between Martin, Aitana, Tino, Christer and Martina" is a dance between the private physical, mental and emotional inner space of the participants with the social, political and public outdoor space, the other participants, as well as the leading unknown dancers. Space and body are in constant motion and negotiation. The concept of work eludes the spectacle of performance in a most radical way, questioning (what is) theater, (what is) dance.

 The choreography thus does not arise through the consumption of a performance by the audience but through their own experience and is only created about, with and through the audience in a participative and performative way. 

We believe that the private is political. Therefore, we offer our participants a contrast experience, an alternative that gives them the opportunity to question, re-perceive and change the everyday, urban space that prescribes socially accepted behavioral codes through their own bodies. We enable a deceleration of everyday life, sensual experience as another form of knowledge acquisition, body awareness instead of body oblivion, trust instead of fear and blind eyes to reach a new visuality. 

Our documentation is mainly based on handwritten letters to emphasize the experience of the moment. Insight into the letters and the detailed concept on request.

° Pitch //2018, Berlin

Berlin Diagonale - Show Camp, Performing Arts Festival Berlin 2018



° Performances+Workshop //2017, Erlangen

Arena Festival Erlangen. 27. International Festival for Dance, Theater and Performance



° Performances //2015, Braunschweig

LOT Theater Braunschweig as part of the serie early piece



° Workshop //2014, Berlin

Symposia of the society for Dance Research - Dance Space Urbanity



° Performances //2014, Braunschweig

LOT Theater Braunschweig as part of the serie early piece



° Premiere Performances //2013, Braunschweig

HBK Braunschweig