Artistic Works

"Art is a hammer to beat the world, not a mirror to reflect it." Vladimir Majakovskij

This provocative quote reflects my mission quite well. I would like to break the line between art and life. I want to make it visible that there is basically no real boarder between the two. This is nothing new in itself because many artists have been trying that since the avant-garde but we are obviously not really into that yet. Therefore my artistic work moves somewhere between dance (physical and mobile experimental arrangements), theater (performative and playful approach) and feminist empowering (the private is political) art and life practice.

Based on that I understand my work process as choreography. In doing so I try to create, organize or question bodies in motion or embodied ideas. I am particularly interested in the choreographies, patterns and scores of daily life (such as the social and political) and their effects. How are they embodied and how do they relate to each other, both individually and collectively (mentally, emotionally, physically). How can dance and choreography be socially effective? How can I change and question the choreographies, structures and patterns of the everyday life? How can I embody change that I want to see in the world? Through language, through my being, through my being together? This is what I like to do in my artistic work through improvisations, games, scores and interventions in public and private spaces, which question the more or less unspoken prescribed behaviors, codes and rules. I also find it particularly exciting to explore the various connections and relationships between the dancers and the audience. I am also interested in how artistic experiences and practices which usually have a transformative potential can be brought into other non-artistic contexts.