About Me

I have always loved the creative exploration of movement with the body alone or in contact with other people. I lived that as a child and adolescent in gymnastics, dancing and playing, and as an adult I devoted myself entirely to the study and work of the arts between dance, theater and performance. 4 years ago, some crisis of loved ones in my family and friends have made me think and made me ask myself questions.

I noticed that

1. In spite of doing what I loved, I often felt exhausted and had physical ailments.

2. I still felt somehow empty inside.

3. did not really feel my body in depth.

Admitting it all to myself, although I had loved moving my whole life, was pretty hard. Suprisingly enough, this radical self-righteousness opened a new door for me to an even deeper inner body of space that I had almost forgotten and which I have continued to explore curiously ever since. I do that by exploring life and the world through questions and questioning. A few questions that basically bother me: What is the human? What is life? Where are we and where do we want to go? What is death? What is this really really about? What is given and what is not? How can I make sense or consciously make nonsence, of that which is not given? How can I have a creative, sensual, playful and fulfilling life with other people? This then adds the areas of personality development, somatic and body therapy to my interests. All this is passed on through somatic bodywork to connect people more to themselves through their bodies and bring them into motion, and thus in the flow of their lives.