Susi Rosenbohm

Somatic Bodywork - Dance Artist - Educator

"If I can't dance, it's not my revolution!" Emma Goldman

Are you also critical, questioning a lot and thinking that many things are boring, unfair, too serious (unless it really is) and pointless and sometimes you feel, like not coming from this world?

Social norms (like gender, ethnics, age) annoy you and you also believe that much more is possible here. At the same time you feel sometimes overwhelmed and restless with all the possibilities and you want to feel more at home within yourself and realize your dreams without pressure?

No problem. I knew that too. So it is really important that you get more into your whole body. Why? Because your life is always only happening with and through your body, and it is always in the here and now. As you become more aware of it, and experience life more through it, you will automatically have more energy, clarity, calm, and fun with live and other people. So you can distribute your gifts here more easily to make your and our world a more beautiful, colorful, playful and loving place. I will help you with it! How? In individual sessions with my somatic bodywork of the Pantarei Approach. When I am funny, I also do immersive and interactive dance and art stuff.

If you want to know more, have a look around and if you feel like working with me in one form or another feel free to contact me. Together we can turn your and ours world

upside down.

Joyfully, Susi


° I am happy to study the Master Performing Public Space at Fontys University in Tilburg

//13.06.2018, Berlin





° I try out my new idea "Einfach Tanzen/Just Dance" over the summer in Treptower Park in Berlin. Come and Dance with me // 16.07.2018, Berlin 





° Celebration!!! 1,5 years eventful, educational and fun time of training and now certified practitioner of the

Pantarei Approach //06.07.2018, Berlin







° I was interviewed as a Pantarei Approach Practitioner in training what the approach and flow mean for me.

You can read my answers here:

//13.06.2018, Berlin



° Pitch with "From Anywhere out into the Green between Martin, Aitana, Tino, Christer and Martina" by Bisu ro //2018, Berlin

Berlin Diagonale - Show Camp, Performing Arts Festival Berlin 2018