I like to create spaces for new experiences and experiments. therefore i developed and invited to a Score Birthday Party for my Birthday in 2017.

I wanted to open a space for self-exploration and avoid the following socially accepted codes and behaviors at parties:

° No superficial small talk

° No drugs

And thereby enable:

° Be more in the body and be in direct contact with people

° Responsibility for the room and evening is up to all participants

° Self-observation AND self-reflection

° A new experience of being together and being alone

° The music can be selected by everybody 

Self-exploration / experience and mindfulness as an everyday principle

The scores were distributed throughout the apartment so everbody did not have to remember all the rules.

For privacy reasons there was no documentation during the party.

Insight into the detailed concept on request.

° susis movement playground //2019. Berlin

private birthday party



° Performance //2017. Berlin

private birthday party