I do Not believe arts ARE seperated from society and from life. 


I do not believe in the seperation of dance, art, pedagogy, activism, therapy and politics. 


i combine these areas as a choreographer, dance artist, activist and body therapist after the pantarei approach. 


i believe in arts practices as practices of life and art as creativity that every human being has in its own way.


i work with artistic practices as practices to feel, to think, to move, to play, to question, to uncover, to touch, to heal, to transform, to rebel and to express in many different ways.


having a background in dance, theatre and performance i use those practices as tools to hack normality.


topics of my work are often connections, honesty/authentic, serious/unserios, non-binary, emotions, pleasure and sensitivity.


my work takes forms of conversations, walks, workshops, 1-on-1 sessions, silent parties, playgrounds, performances, interventions, public dancefloors and other explorative formats.


i am a co-founder of the artistic collective bisu ro, the artistic-activistic collective actions against rape culture and of women* making art in public space to support female* artists. 


If you want to know more, have a look around and if you have questions or feel like working with me I would be happy if you contact me. 

Together we can turn our world upside down :)