It started with one simple experiment:

"Hey Girls, welcome to my "Mobile Piece". Now you have 5 minutes to send me scores via whatsapp that i will do here now on the platform. i will try to give my best to perform them so that you will have an extraordinary performance. the 5 minutes are starting now!"

I understand dance as communication and therefore also always as a social practice. That is why 

i like to create concepts when the dance becomes more a place of encounter and negotiating between people. I am interested in the following questions: What are we doing and sharing when i dance and/or perform? Who has the responsibility for what? Who choreographs whom? who Brings  something IN? What do you want to see or not to see? What

do I want to do or not to do? Who gives instructions to what should happen?

What if we disappoint our expectations of the dance? For whom am I dancing?

I am dancing out of line. And you?

° Performance //2019. BERLIN Kreuzberg

Women making art in public space



° Performance //2019. Tilburg

Master Program Performing Public Space Fontys University